Friday, May 29, 2015

Chocolate baroque card .,

Another day on the journey and a card made for the chocolate baroque challenge . 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ah oh I think I shared a card on chocolate baroque . Oh it's hard being technology challenged . Where's a personal tutor when you need one .? Oh , that's right , I don't have one

Teaching the grandchildren to make a card . That's a funnier statement than you realize .

On Saturday I had a great time showing the cherubs ( grandchildren ) a few card making tricks from my very limited supply in my trick bag . Lillian's card on top and matthews card on bottom

First card I've made that I have shard on my new blog , new because I may have finally figured this out .,keep,fingers crossed .

Ok now this is one of many attempts to share my card ,inspired from Jo rice and clarity stamps . 
I'm going to give it a try

The journey was delayed but now I think I'm on the right path

Well it's now June 24 and I just reread this note of May . Right track?? Are you kidding ? Big detour but maybe now I have found out how to upload or is it download my photos of my cards .,thank goodness no one is reading or watching me .