Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hugs and kisses to Judith at the amazing company : Chocolate baroque

It's an early day on the journey but an angel from the amazing company Chocolate Baroque helped me figure out how to add a gadget and a banner to my blog . Four hours yesterday , new gray hair and hair pulled out as I struggled . I got overly exuberant today and posted the banner twice ,and of course I don't know how to remove it ,but I'm going to let it be . 

Top three ------ yippee ! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A challenge and journey with clarity stamp challenge Anything goes . Entry 3

I've been under the weather  no pun intended and the journey has been one of rest . I'm currently attending the school of imperfection and so the trees you see off to the right are covering it up . I kinda of like  it . So I'm trying to live the journey and not worry about any destination. .
Hope everyone is healthy and happy and choosing to be so . Joy now to you all . Janice 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Clarity stamp challenge anything goes entry 2

This is my second enty for the current clarity stamp challenge Anything Goes
I love clarity stamps and I think I will name this  Let It Goe .  Joy now on the journey. Janice

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Anything goes clarity challenge entry number 2

Another card I did awhile ago and I think this will qualify for the current clarity anything goes challenge . Another favorite stamp of mine .

Anything goes clarity stamp challenge

Ok here goes a a first try to submit a card on the clarity challenge . I used this darling fairy and message and my favorite stencil , Jo's bubbles . Let's see how it goes shall we ? 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cards for the grandchildren at camp

Jumped off the road towards Masterpiece School and came upon a sign that said School for those who seek only fun and Imperfection . Now that was right up my alley ( oh my , that's actually a road isn't it )? 
The cherubs ( grandchildren ) are off to a week of camp, very excited ,have been packed for a week --- are they Ready??? And they will need a card and note In order to remember Mema. ( grandma ) . Haha .
So I put together a quick one (. Really ? You ask ---no not really ) remember my profile ? The one about hidden artistic ability . ? I use to say no ability but that is a negative affirmation and actually that is why I am on this road ------ to discover and learn . Just a wee bit afraid that the masters out there  will be judging . Oh heaven forbid ! Oh well the little ones won't notice and I had some fun . 

Remember , that's what it's all about !😍
This one is for Lillian . Thought she would enjoy the fairy . Most stamps are from Clarity .
This one is for Matthew , lots of little critters . Have a great time at camp  love Mema